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    Founded in 2003, Qunfeng Investment Group is a comprehensive and international enterprise group. After more than ten years of rapid development, the company's scale has continued to grow and it has become a diversified large-scale multinational enterprise group integrating steel manufacturing and trade. At present, Qunfeng Investment owns many powerful subordinate investment companies such as Yongxing Steel Co., Ltd. Nigeria, Zhoukou Yongxing Pipe Pile Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Yongxing Steel Co., Ltd. Thailand, Fuzhou Zhongxing Trading Co., Ltd

    For more than a decade, Qunfeng Investment Group has been adhering to the entrepreneurial mission of "customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction and social satisfaction". Relying on advanced technology and efficient management, it attaches importance to talent introduction and training, vigorously promotes circular economy, and insists on sustainable development road, deep excavation of resource advantages, and constantly improve its advantages in the field of steel, and continue to strive for bigger and stronger Qunfeng brand.

    For more than a decade, Qunfeng Investment Group has been rooted in the land of China, relying on overseas markets such as Nigeria and Thailand to attach importance to accelerating the pace of internationalization. Nowadays, the overall layout of investment projects has spread across Edo state,Nigeria; Zhoukou, Henan;  Prachinburi, Thailand; Fuzhou, Fujian and other regions at home and abroad.

    For more than a decade, Qunfeng knew that wealth originates from society and should be fed back to society. While creating wealth for the society, the company based on its own, serves the society, and effectively fulfills its social responsibility; it actively explores and fully implements the value of the company, which has been respected and recognized by the government where the investment project is located and all sectors of society.

    “Competitiveness creates a brand and culture leads the future.” Facing new opportunities and challenges, Qunfeng Investment Group will continue to implement the development strategy of “Steel Leading, Moderate Diversity, Innovation and Adaptability, Bigger and Stronger”. Promoting the continuous development and growth of Qunfeng Investment Group through ways such as continuing to deeply cultivate the corporate culture and cooperating brand management, implementing comprehensive strategic optimization for enterprises integration with resources, soaring the pace of international market development, and enhancing international competitiveness.