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    Be proud of Longxing people -- in memory of welding workshop to Gou Suidong

    Time:2016-06-01 09:54:40  Views:418
       Gou Suidong, a common name, a common electric welder of Longxing Company welding workshop, peacetime work conscientiously, steadfast, he is unknown to the public. That's just the ordinary employee, but made everyone beat all feat, he donated blood stem cellsf or leukemia patients , sent "the seed of life". According to Henan provincial Red Cross official said: Gou Suidong love public welfare, has participated in 5 blood donors. In April 9, 2013, non remunerated blood donation, he joined the Chinese bone marrow bank, become a hematopoietic stem cell donation volunteers. On February 11th this year, the China marrow library management center of general retrieval, he matched with Belgium a leukemia patients with type.On October 29th ,he was checked by physical examination and on November 16th after the high resolution detection, , he was qualified to donate. According to the needs of patients and the total base management center, Gou Suidong went to Beijing on December 10th, and on 16th will donate in the General Hospital of the Air Force PLA donated blood stem cell. By then, the full of love "seeds of life", will be on international flight across the Pacific Ocean, Belgium, help patients to rekindle the hope of life. This means that, Gou Suidong will become the Chinese bone marrow bank 4646th donors, 457th donors of Henan Province, also the fourteenth for patients outside the contributions of volunteers hematopoietic stem cells in Henan province.
       About the donation, an interview with reporters about Gou Suidong:he said: "As a farmer, I don’t need to consider too much, one kind of nature to help others is my life. To help others, which is a good thing." Gou Suidong plain language shows a kind of thought of human love, selfless dedication.

       This is a member of Zhengzhou Longxing people, ordinary shows great, prominent in the ordinary. This is not only his own glory, is also our enterprise glory, the glory of Chinese!