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    Environmental depends on everyone

    Time:2017-04-28 16:50:00  Views:499

    Spring blooming, Benxi Yongxing Company ushered in a new year. In order to respond to the call of the company and create a better working environment, the Ministry of production has conducted a full range of sanitary cleaning on its health areas to ensure that no sanitary corners are left, and that the mess problem is completely solved. Under the leadership of the production manager, all employees are actively involved in the clean-up work, whether it is indoor office areas, or outdoor areas. Especially the production department office building with no designated cleaning personnel is not easy to keep clean. In order to solve this problem, all workers in and out the production department office building is asked to change their shoes from the beginning of this year. And simple installation of clothes hook at the entrance to the office is placed for employee safety cap. In the joint efforts of all staff, the production department of environment has been greatly improved.